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Yoga is for everyone, not just the young and bendy! For those of us who are older, it’s especially helpful in keeping our joints moving and developing strength in the muscles that support them. For many of us it helps to reduce the chatter in our heads too.

I bought my first yoga book around in the early 1970’s, and have practised forms of hatha yoga on and off since. I started going to ashtanga and ashtanga vinyasa yoga classes some in my later 50’s, and through regular practice I gradually became stronger and more flexible. I became more and more fascinated and excited about how I could see yoga working with acupuncture treatment to support my acupuncture patients, and took the plunge and trained as a yoga teacher in the UK.


I completed a month of further yoga teacher training in India with the Mohan family, who work with individuals, using yoga to bring complete wellbeing and balance (svastha). Their teaching is rooted in the Yoga Sutras and the hatha yoga promoted by Krishnamacharya whilst being informed by contemporary research into movement, breathing and meditation. Their approach thus enables a yoga practice to be “prescribed” for individuals to address their health issues, and help guide them to increased well-being.


I teach hatha yoga using postures that promote normal functional movement rather than the yoga “shapes” often used in photos. I particularly enjoy working with older people who are interested in using yoga to maintain their health and enhance their mobility. I find people receive most benefit from being taught in small groups, or 1:1 so that I can give detailed feedback on progress, and tailor their practice to what they need. If you are interested, contact me for further information.

Restorative Yoga

My experience of doing restorative yoga left me feeling alert yet relaxed, and feeling really well.

My experience using it with other people suggests there is a very important place for this type of yoga, where there is an emphasis on reducing our response to stress, encouraging healing, and promoting good quality rest.

Restorative yoga postures often involve lying on a mat, being very well supported and made comfortable by bolsters and blocks, and being kept warm with blankets – so it’s not like an exercise class.

My training in restorative yoga affected me deeply, and the experience showed me how it could be woven into how I work with my acupuncture patients. It’s been really helpful when I’ve taught basic techniques to people to use between acupuncture treatments.

I teach restorative yoga in small groups and workshops, and as private 1:1 sessions, with the aim of giving the tools needed to practice some postures by yourself, as often as you like!! If that’s something you’re interested in, contact me to ask for more information.

Call me to book an appointment on 0773 236 4506

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