Video Consultations

The clinical reasoning I use to choose appropriate acupuncture points for each patient also enables me to offer specific recommendations about diet and activity which will also help your recovery. Pressing these points using fingers or thumb (acupressure) can be very helpful too, so I will teach you where and how to use acupressure on these points for yourself. As a qualified yoga teacher, I can also be very specific about the movement, relaxation and breathing exercises that will help you. Taken together, this will give you a well-rounded and personalised approach to use to improve your health.

During an initial 45 minute video call, we will discuss your presenting symptoms and review your general health. Before our next 45 minute video call a week later, I will have emailed you a brief summary of my recommendations so that we can discuss them; plan to implement them in a way that you find manageable; and when I can teach you the points or the initial yoga sequence as appropriate.


Initial 45 minute video call
Including summary recommendations and 45 minute follow-up video call
£75 (paid in advance)

Subsequent follow-up appointments
45 minutes
£30 (paid in advance)

One-to-one yoga sessions
Aimed at those new to yoga, or those who want to explore any common postures they find difficult, or those who want help to establish a home practice:
60 minutes
£25 (paid in advance)


Yoga is for everyone, and provides great benefits – but only you know your body and its limits and need to respect them. When performing any type of exercise, there is the possibility of physical injury, and you should reduce any risk of this by:

  • Making sure you have enough space to exercise in, preferably on a non-slip surface like a yoga mat
  • Letting me know about specific injuries or health problems, or if you are pregnant, before we start any yoga
  • If you feel any discomfort during our one-to-one sessions, telling me immediately so I can modify your position.

Call me to book an appointment on 0773 236 4506

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