The way we live and work has changed a lot since March 2020, and like many others, I have reviewed what I can offer without any risk of compromising people’s health. At this stage, I will be offering consultation and suggestions for treatment using telemedicine (phone and video calls) rather than face to face sessions. I think there’s a lot of benefit to be gained from this approach.

The clinical reasoning I use to choose appropriate acupuncture points for each patient also enables me to offer specific recommendations about diet and activity which will also help your recovery. Pressing these points using fingers or thumb (acupressure) can be very helpful too, so I will teach you where and how to use acupressure on these points for yourself. As a qualified yoga teacher, I can also be very specific about the movement, relaxation and breathing exercises that will help you. Taken together, this will give you a well-rounded and personalised approach to use to improve your health.

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